Friday, April 29, 2005

Blair Relents, Releases Iraq Document - Yahoo! News

Blair Relents, Releases Iraq Document - Yahoo! News: "Blair Relents, Releases Iraq Document By ED JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer
Thu Apr 28,11:02 PM ET

LONDON - In an embarrassing about-face ahead of elections, Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday released a secret memo warning of the legal consequences of invading Iraq without a second U.N. resolution. "

Thursday, April 28, 2005

US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished. 27/04/2005. ABC News Online

US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished. 27/04/2005. ABC News Online: "US admits Iraq insurgency undiminished
The Iraqi insurgency is just as strong now as it was one year ago, the most senior US military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers has admitted.
Gen Myers also insists the US and coalition forces are winning the war and is confident of military victory.
'I'm going to say this: I think we are winning, okay. I think we're definitely winning. I think we've been winning for some time,' Myers told reporters. "

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

MyDD :: I demand a tax cut!

MyDD :: I demand a tax cut!: "I demand a tax cut!
by AntiCliche

Please, some enterprising reporter, calculate exactly how much money the government has spent trying to sell me fraudulent wars, regressive tax breaks, social security dismantling, drug price fixing, and recourse elimination (bankruptcy, malpractice). If the administration wants to find wealthy donors to pay for its lying campaigns, fine, but I don't see how they have the prerogative to use federal tax dollars for marketing. What part of the federal budget pays for marketing?

Diaries :: AntiCliche's diary :: Tue Apr 26th, 2005 at 02:29:09 PM EST "

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Daily Kos :: Marines from Iraq sound off

Daily Kos :: Marines from Iraq sound off: "Marines From Iraq Sound Off About Want of Armor and Men
Published: April 25, 2005
On May 29, 2004, a station wagon that Iraqi insurgents had packed with C-4 explosives blew up on a highway in Ramadi, killing four American marines who died for lack of a few inches of steel.
The four were returning to camp in an unarmored Humvee that their unit had rigged with scrap metal, but the makeshift shields rose only as high as their shoulders, photographs of the Humvee show, and the shrapnel from the bomb shot over the top.
'The steel was not high enough,' said Staff Sgt. Jose S. Valerio, their motor transport chief, who along with the unit's commanding officers said the men would have lived had their vehicle been properly armored. 'Most of the shrapnel wounds were to their heads.'
Among those killed were Rafael Reynosa, a 28-year-old lance corporal from Santa Ana, Calif., whose wife was expecting twins, and Cody S. Calavan, a 19-year-old private first class from Lake Stevens, Wash., who had the Marine Corps motto, 'Semper Fidelis,' tattooed across his back."


THISDAY ONLINE: "House Protests $1.7bn Contract to Halliburton
Senate summons Shell over Bonga project
By Mike Oduniyi in Lagos and Kola Ologbodiyan in Abuja, 04.25.2005
The executive and legislative arms of government may be on a fresh collision course over the recent awards of engineering contracts to US oil services company Halliburton, which was earlier recommended for ban by the House of Representatives."

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Front Page

Front Page: "GOPedia
Welcome to GOPedia!
This is your opportunity to let the people know the truth about the GOP and the Radical Right. Please add relevant information as you find it. The format is Wiki, please see the helpful information below on Wiki if you are not familiar with the format.
History of the GOP
GOP Corruption
GOP Members TomDeLay? - BillFrist? - KarlRove? - DickCheney? - GeorgeBush? "

Friday, April 22, 2005

MyDD :: GOP wants to control the weather

MyDD :: GOP wants to control the weather: "Bush Era v. Gingrich Era--An Indicator (none / 0)

This is very good indicator of the difference between the Gingrich era and the Bush era.
The Gingrich era was full of sound and fury, which ultimately did very little, except, of course, for (1) hurting the truly powerless---women and children on welfare and (2) making it very difficult for Clinton to formulate and execute an effective response to al Qaeda.
The Bush era is full of major fundamental restructurings that may well mark the definitive end of US world dominance, and an unprecedented undermining of democracy at home.
During the Gingrich era, the GOP attack on weather consisted of hot air. One of Gingrich's Congressional troops said that the federal government should get out of the weather business, because it was unneessary--typical government waste. After all, people could just get their weather information from TV weathermen.
During the Bush era, we get this. Serious and systematic pillaging of the commons.

by Paul Rosenberg on Fri Apr 22nd, 2005 at 10:41:25 AM EST "

Thursday, April 21, 2005

MyDD :: Cockfighting bad, domestic abuse acceptable

MyDD :: Cockfighting bad, domestic abuse acceptable: "Cockfighting bad, domestic abuse acceptable
by Drummond

Not that I don't support criminalization of cockfighting which is certainly a deplorable practice, but here we have another example of bizarre priorities determined by latent hatred of women.
Pinko Feminist Hellcat informs us that the South Carolina legislative Judiciary Committee just passed a bill making cock fighting a felony, while tabling a bill that would have upped certain acts of spousal abuse to a felony among other overdue measures.
When a reporter tried to question Republican Representative John Graham Altman III about the priorities, he refused to answer the question and told the woman she was stupid: 'I'll never be able to explain it to you in a 100 years ma'am.' One has to wonder if he would have treated a male reporter with the same level of disrespect.
Later, he cited at part of the rationale for his opposition to the bill 'There ought not to be a second offense. The woman ought to not be around the man.'"

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This and That

This and That
Submitted by brendan on Wed, 2005-04-20 01:08.
'We are the target of enemies who rejoice in the murder of innocent, unsuspecting people.'
Cheney Speaking to Federalist Society 2001
'We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed civilians. That's war. And this is war.'
Ann Coulter September 13th 2001"

Friday, April 15, 2005

Local Blogs

Local Blogs: "FOX News Underreporting casualties?
April 15th, 2005
Gunmen kill four in Kirkuk; twin car bombs explode in Baghdad
Fox 12 Oregon - Apr 14 12:17 PM
BAGHDAD, Iraq At least eleven people have been killed in two car bombs that exploded near an Interior Ministry office in Baghdad. Officials say at least a dozen people, including three police officers, were injured in the near-simultaneous explosions.
Car Bombs Kill 18 In Baghdad
Action News 4 Pittsburgh - Apr 14 9:26 AM
BAGHDAD, Iraq � The militant group al-Qaida in Iraq is claiming responsibility for two bombings that killed 18 people in Baghdad. The near-simultaneous strikes hit near an Interior Ministry office. At least 36 people were injured in the powerful explosion that knocked people nearby to the ground.
notice the timeline? "

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rep. Louise Slaughter

MyDD :: Diaries: "FACT CHECK: DeLay Misrepresents the Facts...Again
by Rep Louise Slaughter

Here is a release put out by my staff this afternoon.

DeLay Misrepresents the Facts...Again
Democrats Voted Against 1997 Ethics Bill because of DeLay Supported Amendments which Weakened Ethics Rules
Washington, DC - On the Floor today, DeLay accused Cardin and Hoyer of voting against the 1997 Ethics package. In fact, most Democrats (147) did vote against final passage. However, that was not because they opposed the Task Force Product, as DeLay incorrectly suggested, but rather because of an amendment that was adopted on the House Floor that was at odds with the Task Force bill, an amendment designed to weaken the ethics rules by prohibiting outside groups from filing ethics complaints against Members of Congress. It should come as no surprise that Mr. DeLay supported that amendment. This is an explanation of what actually happened in 1997:

Click 'Extended Entry' for the rest..."

Join the Team!

Join the Team!
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Trees Not Bushes

coadunate :: closely joined-grown together-united.
Trees Not Bushes
Posted by: admin on Thursday, April 14, 2005 - 01:53 PM
It's been 35 years since more than twenty million people gathered for the first Earth Day. The activism of that day brought us the Endangered Species Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Air Act, millions of acres of protected land, and a healthier environment.But the hard truth is, o­n the 35th anniversary of that historic moment, we have corporate lobbyists celebrating Earth Day by rewriting the laws that protect our air, land, water, and wildlife. Help stop Bush -- get a tree

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Barking Dingo

One of my favorite bloggers:

The Barking Dingo: "Ad Nauseum
Typical of many Republicans today - when you screw up, blame the dirty 'liberals' for your problems. I especially like how DeLay claims 'Democrats have no agenda other than partisanship.' This is coming form a man nic-named The Hammer."