Thursday, June 23, 2005

Systematic violations of medical secrets at Guantanamo, report alleges - Yahoo! News

Systematic violations of medical secrets at Guantanamo, report alleges - Yahoo! News: "Systematic violations of medical secrets at Guantanamo, report alleges 2 hours, 56 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Interrogators are systematically accessing the medical records of prisoners at the US naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba, exploiting detainees' vulnerability, two jurists claim in a report.

Citing internal military documents, Gregg Bloche, a Georgetown University law professor, and Jonathan Marks, a barrister at Matrix Chambers in London, published their findings in the July 7 edition of The New England Journal of Medicine."

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Freedom Press - Fact Based Handbill & Grocery List

Freedom Press - Fact Based Handbill & Grocery List: "

The Downing Street Memo, dated July 23, 2002 offers proof that President Bush LIED by claiming over and over after July 23, 2002, and until the war itself began, that he had not made up his mind about invading Iraq.

Bush: �Of course, I haven�t made up my mind we�re going to war with Iraq.� [10/1/02]

Bush: �Hopefully, we can do this peacefully � don�t get me wrong. And if the world were to collectively come together to do so, and to put pressure on Saddam Hussein and convince him to disarm, there�s a chance he may decide to do that. And war is not my first choice, don�t � it�s my last choice.� [11/7/02]

Bush: �This is our attempt to work with the world community to create peace. And the best way for peace is for Mr. Saddam Hussein to disarm. It�s up to him to make his decision.� [12/4/02]

Bush: �You said we�re headed to war in Iraq � I don�t know why you say that. I hope we�re not headed to war in Iraq. I�m the person who gets to decide, not you. I hope this can be done peacefully.� [12/31/02]

Bush: �First of all, you know, I�m hopeful we won�t have to go war, and let�s leave it at that.� [1/2/03]

Bush: �But Saddam Hussein is � he�s treated the demands of the world as a joke up to now, and it was his choice to make. He�s the person who gets to decide war and peace.� [2/7/03]

Bush: �I�ve not made up our mind about military action. Hopefully, this can be done peacefully.� [3/6/03]

Bush: �I want to remind you that it�s his choice to make as to whether or no"

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

MyDD :: Repercussions for Nazi Comments#comment_top

MyDD :: Repercussions for Nazi Comments#comment_top

Repercussions for Nazi Comments
by Chris Bowers

As Mathew Yglesias reports, conservative pundits are falling all over themselves to try and punish Senator Durbin for his Nazi-themed comments. He must be censured! He must resign his leadership post! I think we should call them on this, and introduce a bi-partisan concurrent resolution to censure all elected officials who have made comparisons between Americans and Nazis. In addition to agreeing to conservative demands, this resolution would see both parties agree to all of the following:
Ken Melhman must also resign as chairman of the Republican National Committee for defending a Republican ad that compared Democrats to Hitler.

All Republican elected officials must refuse and return any money from organizations associated with Grover Norquist for directly comparing Democrats to Nazis.

Senator Rick Santorum must step down from his leadership position within the Senate for his comments comparing Democratic use of the filibuster to Nazis.

Senator James Inhofe must step down as Chairman of the Committee on Environment and public works, for his likening of the Democratic supported Kyoto treaty to Nazism.

Senator Jeff Sessions must be censured for his likening of a Democratic sponsored bill on stem cell research to Nazism.

Representative Steve King must also be censured for comparing those who support abortion rights to Nazis.

A sense of the Senate resolution rebuking former Senators Tim Cole and Phil Graham for their comparisons of Democrats to Nazis must also be passed.
Any Republican action to censure Durbin must take place simultaneously with all of these actions. That is, of course, unless Republicans think some of these Nazi-related comments are okay, and others are not. Oh wait---that is what they think.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

MyDD :: BREAKING: Gov. Perdue (R-GA) Convicted!

MyDD :: BREAKING: Gov. Perdue (R-GA) Convicted!: "BREAKING: Gov. Perdue (R-GA) Convicted!
by PragmAddict

This originally appears at Corked Bats.
Sonny Perdue, up for re-election in 2006, has just become the first Governor in Georgia's history to be convicted of an ethics violation. This violation adds to the ethics woes of Georgia's Republican Party, posterboy Ralph Reed. "

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Smoke Alarms Just Went Off - Yahoo! News

Smoke Alarms Just Went Off - Yahoo! News: "Smoke Alarms Just Went Off The Monitor's View
Fri Jun 10, 4:00 AM ET

Federal prosecutors raised many eyebrows on Tuesday when they asked a court to impose only a $10 billion penalty on tobacco firms to counter a half century of deceptive cigarette marketing.

The government's own expert witness had testified that a $130 billion fine was needed. Why the drastic drop? Either the government should explain this suspicious disparity (was there political pressure?) or the court should stick with the higher figure."

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Judge Orders Gov't to Help Imperiled Fish - Yahoo! News

Judge Orders Gov't to Help Imperiled Fish - Yahoo! News: "Judge Orders Gov't to Help Imperiled Fish By JOSEPH B. FRAZIER, Associated Press Writer
Sat Jun 11, 4:34 AM ET

PORTLAND, Ore. - A federal judge ordered U.S. officials to increase the volume of water spilled through five dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers to make it easier for imperiled salmon species to reach the ocean."