Wednesday, August 31, 2005


SHEEHANAmerica Programmed for War: Cause and Solution
By Brian Bogart
08/30/05 — For instruction in times of confusion, it is often best to look at the beginning. There is no more instructive a place for today’s condition than the start of the Cold War—because those warriors and their policies have been hijacked for today’s permanent war on terror. This story contains within it the cause and solution: the weakest point in United States foreign policy, and a legal basis for the strongest push toward a peaceful change of priorities by the most dedicated people in America—you.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Political Switchboard -> Netroots Feedback

The Political Switchboard -> Netroots Feedback: "I am very moved by this (4.00 / 2)

'protest' and by Cindy's ability to persevere and prevail.

There is nothing on the news about what's happening there, but if you need to be convinced further of the spiritual awakening that she has brought about, go to Political Switchboard and read some personal accounts of what's going on.

An eye for an eye leaves the entire world blind... Mohandas Karmchand (Mahatma) Gandhi."

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Support Cindy Sheehan!

Support Cindy Sheehan!: "Cindy Sheehan Solidarity Day!


In NYC - Rally in Union Sq. 5:00 pm

Join us Monday, August 15, 2005, to stand in Solidarity with Cindy Sheehan!


Monday - August 15 - Solidarity with Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan is camped out in the hot desert sun, speaking out about the occupations of Iraq and Palestine and demanding answers from the criminal regime that killed her son along with more than 1800 other soldiers and more than 100,000 Iraqi people. She has vowed to stay at the roadside encampment, called Camp Casey, until she meets with the President or is arrested.

On Monday, August 15 antiwar activists, veterans, community organizers, and military families will gather in Union Square for a demonstration of solidarity with Cindy Sheehan. In New York City, we will gather in Union Square in Manhattan at 5:00 pm for a 'Camp Casey - NYC.' The Troops Out Now Coalition has called on local activists everywhere to demonstrate their solidarity with Cindy Sheehan on Monday

This will also be the day that the U.S.-appointed regime in Baghdad is scheduled to announce its new constitution, a reactionary document forced on the people of Iraq at gunpoint. August 15 is also the day that occupation forces are scheduled to withdraw from Gaza. This will be an excellent day, not only to stand in solidarity wit"

Mass Rally in Crawford planned for August 26th through the 28th!

Peace In Pink Shoes: "Flash Update -
From Buddy Spell -
The Louisiana Activists Network has just issued a call to action for a mass rally to be held in Crawford, Texas the weekend of August 26th through the 28th. More details to follow as soon as they are available. Those interested in participating, endorsing or supporting this effort should visit the LAN website at

Saturday, August 13, 2005

FoodNotBombs Supports Cindy Sheehan

We need you in Crawford Texas Today!

People all over the world are going to George Bush's summer home in Crawford, Texas. At 7:00 his morning we received a call from a friend of Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey, outside Bush's summer home in Crawford, Texas. I talked with Cindy's lawyer Annie Spell. She said they would do anything to help Food Not Bombs bring food, propane stoves and cooking equipment to the Crawford. They expect thousands of people to join Cindy in her protest against the war. Her son was killed in Iraq and she joined other mothers who lost their children in Iraq and started Gold Star Mothers against the war. We can collect some produce in Waco, Texas but it would be very helpful if each Food Not Bombs group to collect food in their community and bring it to Crawford. We can provide gas money and other funds to help your group bring food to Camp Casey. Bush seems to be feeling the heat. He has been making a number of statements about the protest outside his summer home. Please call me at 1-800-884 1136 or 520-248-3849 to find out how you can help. It's a real honor that they thought to ask Food Not Bombs for help.

Over 1,800 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq. On August 12th Bush stated he would attack Iran next if they don't stop their nuclear program. United States has stepped up its killing of civilians in Iraq. "

Feed Camp Casey! - News from the People: "Feed Camp Casey! has graciously volunteered to help feed Camp Casey. They Need your help.

Donate Today!"

Feed Camp Casey! - News from the People: "Feed Camp Casey! has graciously volunteered to help feed Camp Casey. They Need your help.

Donate Today!"

t r u t h o u t - One Mother's Stand

t r u t h o u t - One Mother's Stand: "'The president says he feels compassion for me, but the best way to show that compassion is by meeting with me and the other mothers and families who are here,' Sheehan said. 'Our sons made the ultimate sacrifice and we want answers. All we're asking is that he sacrifice an hour out of his five-week vacation to talk to us, before the next mother loses her son in Iraq.'
-- Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, Crawford, Texas" - News from the People - News from the People: "Upbeat Events : UpbeatDefiance Indeed!
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Updates form Camp Casey: Friday Night :)
By B. Clancy

Just got off the phone with with a few people from Camp Casey. The mood is uplifting and spiritual, if you love the human spirit.

The evening went really well Buddy did say that the counter protestors did sing God Bless America as a group and the response from the people was to sing right along with them, proud and loud.

The counter protestors then read some speeches that no one could hear. Buddy has to go to a meeting so he handed the phone off to a man sitting on a van he had hand painted with protest signs, before telling me about the nice guy on a Harley who helped him set up his tent:

The guitar playing, van sitting man's voice was filled with energy, crackling over the phone. He stopped playing to talk with me. He said his name was 'Pariot Zero', he heard about 'some lady who lost her son and was sitting in a field waiting for the President.' while listening to his radio on a trek from San Fran to New Orleans. They decided to head down somewhere East of El, Paso because 'they thought this poor woman would like some ice cream'. :

They also thought she could use some peaches, he referenced the Allman Brother's"

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Slain GI's Mom Camps In Crawford

Slain GI's Mom Camps In Crawford

CRAWFORD, Texas, Aug. 7, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, supported by more than 50 shouting demonstrators, pours water on her head while camping out on Prairie Chapel Road in Crawford, Texas, on Saturday. (AP)

"I'll camp on his lawn in D.C. until he has the courtesy and the integrity and the compassion to talk to somebody whose life he has ruined."
Cindy Sheehan
on quest to meet with President Bush

We've been holding online candlelight vigils along with her, one of our members has made Cindy Sheehan T-shirts. Cindy is indeed one of our members as his her lawyer who is heading out to meet with her. What group am I talking about?

The UpbeatDefiance group at and

You can join us. You can help!